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Ashtanga Yoga

"Ashtanga Yoga" had very surprising benefits and it is not very known to you. People interested in yoga should start their yoga with Ashtanga Yoga. Ashtanga is a dynamic flowing practice and we can’t go with the yoga practice without Ashtanga yoga and like every form it also had to synchronize breath and movement of the body. People practice this form of yoga because it helps in toning the body and refreshes the thoughts and keeps the body healthy.

 "Yama", tells us the moral codes and how we are relatable to others.

 "Niyama" stands for its self-purification and its discipline.

 "Asana" known as the postures of your body and how we can relate with that.

 "Pranayama" –It is all about the control of our breath.

 "Pratyahara" helps to control your senses.

 "Dharana" is to boost our minds.

 "Dhyana" is a meditation technique.

 "Samadhi" or salvation is a deep meditation to know your inner peace.


"Meditation" is good for physical health and as well as mental health. One of the most important parts of yoga is Meditation which helps enhance if healthy mind and it will bring mental peace. Meditation is not about any religion it's about science which defines that this procedure has a specific role. It has different methods to make people healthy. Meditation is a great method to think about yourself. It connects you to the universe and you feel peace of mind. It helps you to think positively and productively.

 Full Lotus

 Half Lotus

 Quarter Lotus




Hatha Yoga

"Hatha Yoga" is very important, if you are a beginner then hatha yoga is the best way to start your yoga activity. The people practice it with the aim for good physical strength, body stretching, and perfect postures, enhance their thinking capacity and strengthen their muscle power. The physical postures increase the mobility of the body, make one’s body flexible and strong. Hatha yoga helps in weight loss and to makes one’s body healthier. Hatha yoga will also help to sharpen one’s mind, it will help one to think positively and think inward. Hatha yoga will be the best option for inner peace. The potential of hatha yoga can truly manifest and one will have inner peace. Ha stands for "the sun" and Tha stands for "the Moon", in Hatha. It shows the ultimate balance of human life and earth.


 Baddha Konasana




Body Alignment

"Body Alignment" is the most important part of the postures of the body. Alignment is known as how all the joints like ankle, hips, knees, head, shoulder, and spine are related to one another. If body alignment is proper then it helps to have a good posture. And it gives less stress to the spine. Proper body postures can help you to maintain the bones strong and healthy. Postures are also helpful for your spine to be straight.

 Do not have a head forward posture.

 Do not bend forward from your waist.

 Do not twist your spine to a point of pain.

 Do not twist or bend while you cough, sneeze, or lift something.

 Do not stretch yourself to the point of pain while reaching for something kept on a high shelf. It can harm your body.


"Shatkarma" is a word that means Shat means six and karma means a process that is used to purify the inner body thoroughly. Shatkarma yoga is something that cleanses your body from the inside. Shatkarma yoga activates your systems of the body like the digestive system, respiratory system, circulatory system, and nervous system. In the human body, every organ has its importance and individual role like stomach, lungs, eyes, nose, colon, food pipe, ears, etc and every organ gets equal attention.







Vinyasa Yoga

"Vinyasa Yoga" is "Hatha Yoga" from which is very effective and depends upon breathing exercises and great postures Vinyasa yoga is based on the Ashtanga practice. It will be more peaceful yoga if done at a fast pace and it will give the best results and through sweating it will remove all the toxins from your body. It is very important to take care of breathing inhalation and exhalation while changing your postures in Vinyasa Yoga

 Strength Training

 Detox Body

 Flexible Body


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