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6 Best Beginner-Friendly practices before you enroll for a Yoga Teacher Training Course

Entering into something new for the first time can be a challenging deal, Yoga Teacher Training and it can also bring in new perspectives and new experiences for you. Enrolling in a Yoga teacher training session can also be unique for you and might come with its newness. Before entering such a course, it is feasible to familiarize yourself with the environment and make yourself comfortable with the surroundings. We at Rishikesh Yog Shiksha are here to pave the best way out for you and help you with the top guiding tips and tricks to start your yoga teacher training course. 

6 Best Beginner-friendly practices before you enroll for a yoga teacher training course

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1. Know your Subject

To excel in a particular field, it is essential that you know your subjects well in advance and also know the core of the things being covered in it. Hence, before you enter into the fully-fledged curriculum for your yoga teacher training course, you should read related books on the subject and also need to grasp the knowledge. 

This would allow you to participate actively in the classes and let you understand the topic in great detail as you would be well aware of the subject. Reading some of the biographies around the issue, like that of B.K.S. Iyengar’s Light on Yoga and Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, would be the best option to go in for. 

2. Relax before the Course

When you start with the yoga teacher training course, you will have to do a lot of intense exercises that might strain you a bit. Hence, before taking part in this course, you should take a break from the exercises. Give your body ample rest to give you enough strength to perform the yoga asanas within the course with due flexibility. 

Such relaxation would also prevent any damage that might be caused due to staining the muscles while exercising.

 People have shared their experiences where proper rest before the course has helped prevent injuries.

3. Have a focused Vision

Before starting any of the courses, you should know your intention to take them up. This would give you a clear intent and give you the proper dedication toward the course.

Moreover, this would also give you the curiosity to learn more and more each time, along with giving you the appropriate aim and ambitions to pursue the course. Being a part of the yoga teacher training course, it is vital for you to know the purpose and add value to the lives of the students who would be alerting under your guidance after you have completed the course.

Such relaxation would also prevent any damage that might be caused due to staining the muscles while exercising. People have shared their experiences where proper rest before the course has helped prevent injuries.

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4. Focus on Oneself

While being involved in a yoga teacher training course, you must remain focused on yourself. You, yourself, should be the priority of the whole course. It s very much seen that people think about other people at the course rather than focusing on their betterment. You need to forget about the world while entering the world of yoga and should be solely focused on improving yourself. The more you are involved with yourself, the more this will benefit you and allow you to improve within your realm.

5. Visit the destination of the Course

Being aware of the destination of the yoga teacher training course is one of the significant aspects that would allow you to be familiar with the surroundings or the place. It can be possible that the chosen destination turns out to be a place with some language, food, cultural, and even temperature differences. Hence, arriving early at the destination or visiting it before the course would help you make room for yourself. This practice also allows your mind and body to adjust to the environment before setting off with the yoga teacher training course.

6. Competitive Vs. being Comparative

One of the significant aspects seen in courses with a vast number of participants is comparison. You should not compare yourself with others enrolled in the course. Healthy competition and sportsmanship can be your moral driving force. People enrolled in the yoga teacher training course have their own stories to share and also their own experiences. Hence comparison would never be a good thing, to begin with, and would always pull you down. You should always sit with a clear mind and vision when practicing yoga. The intent should always be to learn for yourself and excel in the field while gaining knowledge from the teacher and enjoying the whole process.

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Hence, these are the top tips and tricks or advice that would help make your yoga teacher training course journey very smooth and memorable. You can always gain a lot from the yoga teacher training course while taking loads of love, experience, and joy back home if you take the right path.