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Why India Is the best destination for Yoga Teacher Training

Since Yoga Teacher Training is one of the practices that involve the wholesome components of mind, body, and surroundings, choosing the right environment might be one of the vital aspects of the practice that can give you some of the most rejuvenating results.

India is one of the places that can be the right destination for you to practice Yoga, and choose it for your yoga teacher training course due to its deep-rooted links with Yoga from the past.

8 Best Reasons to choose India for your yoga teacher training Course

India is the land of cultural heritage and mythology where many practices originated, and many discoveries were made, glorifying its presence worldwide.

With the homeland of the ancient Vedas, which comprise texts about Yoga and yogic practices, you can never go wrong in choosing India as your Destination for the yoga teacher training course.

We have bought you the top reasons to choose India as the Destination for your yoga teacher training course that would provide you with the needed encouragement for the system.

1. Home of Sage Patanjali

If any of the names are associated and revered with Yoga, then it certainly is that of Sage Patanjali, who worked the entire time in teaching this practice. He worked upon the texts from the Bhagavat Gita and composed the Yoga Sutras that are said to be the Ashtanga that would lead you to the correct form and practices. Hence, if you are enrolling for such practice in the land of this great personality, you would have the proper connection with the practice.

Being the hub of all the religious vibes and sacred nature, Rishikesh is the place that would provide you with an energizing environment for Yoga. Rightly being called the Yoga capital of the World, Rishikesh is the place that comes on top when choosing the location for the yoga teacher training course where Yoga also took birth. 

3. Home of the father of Modern Yoga

Another prominent place is the city of Mysore, one of the Indian Destinations that is also revered with Yoga practices and is also chosen each time. It is said to be the sacred birthplace of Krishnamacharya, the father of modern Yoga. Hence, this would be your opportunity to be part of the enriching nature of this great soil and have a direct connection with the land of the leaders.

4. Climatic factors

Another factor that should highly influence your choice of Destination for the yoga teacher training course is the climatic factors of the location. Since Yoga yields the best results when practiced in an open environment with proximity to nature, India has just the right kind of geographical location to support this requirement and get the deserving advantage as well. The top Yoga practicing places in India offer the ideal climate conditions, which are neither too hot nor too humid while perfectly balanced with the humidity and rainfall. Hence, exposure to such temperatures would always add benefits to your health.

5. Cultural Hub

Since it is one of the well-known factors that India is highly regarded as the cultural hub where people from various walks of life come together in a closely knitted environment and interact while communicating and exchanging information that is diverse and enticing, practicing Yoga in such an environment would always allow you to learn more from the people around that belong to different cultures and regions around the globe. This confluence of thoughts, Ideas, perceptions, and beliefs never fails to mesmerize you and always gives you a chance to improve your horizons in the mental and physical realms.

6. Simplicity

Yoga is composed of all the complex internal movements but looks lucid and straightforward while being performed. Hence, this concept coincides with India’s practices that have deep symbolism and complicated mechanism for mind and body but offer simplicity in each move. Therefore, this should be enough for you to choose this location for your upcoming yoga teacher training course.

7. Exploration

India is one of the locations that is very diverse and offers the most scope of exploration ranging from food habits to lifestyles and the cultural and ethnic values of the people. If you believe in exploring all aspects of life and value all aspects, then India would not only give you a chance to explore your body and mind but also provide you with the right opportunity to explore the whole of the place.

8 Best Reasons to choose India for your yoga teacher training Course

8. Life at an Ashram

One of the ancient and prime concepts of yoga and yogic values has always been linked to Ashrams. Since these are where children lived and gained knowledge and enlightenment from the Guru or the teacher, in simpler terms, they experienced complete renouncement from the materialistic world, and it is related to practices. Hence you can still explore the vibrating peace and tranquillity of the environment at Ashrams that are present in India and have the authentic experience of a lifetime. 

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Your choice to choose India as your yoga teacher training course destination would always be supported by numerous facts perfectly evident of the climatic conditions, legacy, and broad heritage that is perfect for you choosing this location.