Kundalini Yoga

What is Kundalini Yoga - Poses - Benefits

Our body is said to possess an incredible amount of energy, which is located somewhere within the four of the sleeping cried snakes called by the name of Kundalini Yoga in the yogic language. The exact location of the Kundalini is an aid to be the base of the spine and is also said to get activated when you practice the specific form of yoga called the Kundalini Yoga.

This form is said to trigger the energy levels inside the body, waking the Kundalini and making this energy spike up in the body. When this energy spikes, it is said to merge with the 6 chakras in the body. 

The magic happens when this Kundalini form of energy unites with the 7th chakra in the body. This part is called the “Sahasrara” and, in plain terms, the crown of all the chakras. When a yogi does this, he is said to have reached the highest level of enlightenment and gained divine consciousness. 

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Kundalini yoga is said to be comprised of 5 major elements which are:

1. The Pranayama 

2. The Mantras

3. The Kriyas

4. The Bandpass or the body locks

5. The Mudras or the Postures 

History of Kundalini Yoga

The Upanishads and the sacred Vedas enumerate the presence of Kundalini yoga. Moreover, this is the form of the yogic exercise that is said to be practiced for arising or awakening the energy from within the body. The virtues and references of Kundalini yoga are said to be found in 20 Upanishads, and it is due to these written and documented texts that Kundalini yoga is being taught with precision.

Significant Merits of Kundalini Yoga

1. Kundalini yoga is said to be effective in reducing stress as it calms the inner self through exercises and asanas.

2. It is also said to boost energy, which is the main object of Kundalini yoga.

3. Your creative aspect is also said to be awakened in by the Kundalini yoga, and it also gives you a chance to expand your thinking and gives rise to new and innovative ideas.

4. It also helps you gain conciseness in waking life by being more mindful of your thoughts and activities.

5. It also lets you stay away from negativity and gives you the energy to remain cheerful and lively.

Kinds of Asanas Involved In Kundalini Yoga

1. Tuning in with the Adi Mantra

2. Breath of Fire or the Kapalabhati

3. Sufi Grind Pose

4. Vajrasana, which is also known as the Rock Pose

5. Camel Pose or the Ustrasana

How to Perform Kundalini Yoga

Since Kundalini yoga is a potent form of yoga to make your body awaken the form of energy., you should know the right ways and the postures to gain the correct result out of them as well. We will provide you with accurate information in this context.

The Tuning in with the Adi Mantra :

This is the exercise in which you need to chant the mantra given, which is the “ Om Namo Guru Dev Namo.” This is one of the most powerful and can kick-start your Kundalini yoga practice.

Kundalini Yoga - the complete guide

Breath of Fire (Kapalabhati)

This is one of the essential and widely prevalent asanas practiced in Kundalini yoga, which is to take in continuous short breaths in and out, which causes the body to heat up. This asana also helps your body to become physically more potent as well while detoxifying it from within as well. Focus is given to maintaining the blood oxygenated through the help of this exercise incorporated in Kundalini yoga.

How to perform?

1. Again you need to sit in the crossed-legged position on a flat surface and then inhale. You should concentrate on the breath while making it travel down in your body towards the lower belly.

2. Exhale while your lower belly is expanding, thinking that your breath is being drawn from the navel areas while being expelled out from the nose or the mouth. 

3. Repeat this process multiple times. 

4. The Sufi Grind Pose

This is the Asana that would aim at bringing about balance for your root chakra of the body while focusing on the thoracic spine region. 

How to perform?

1. Sit on the ground with your legs crossed.

2. Since this asana already has the name of grind attached to it, it automatically means that you have to move your body In the motion that depicts the riding activity.

3. Hence, hold your knees with your hands and start rotating your spine.

4. Make a giant complete circle while rotating and continue this for 1 minute.

5. While you are moving forward in the circular motion, you need to inhale and exhale while moving back in the circular motion. 

6. Your eyes should also be closed while performing this asana, and try to meditate while performing.

7. Change the direction of the circular motion from clockwise to anti-clockwise as well.

The Vajrasana or the Rock Pose

This is one of the easiest Asanas in Kundalini yoga, known for its digestive benefits. Moreover, this is the Asana, which also strengthens your sexual organs.

How to perform?

1. You need to sit on your tights for this asana.

2. Then move your head from one side to the other while inhaling and exhaling when changing direction.

3. You must meditate while performing this asana and focus on the third inward eye.

4. Perform this for the time of three minutes and then relax.

The Camel Pose or the Ustrasana

This is one of the best exercises for improving the flexibility of the overall siren region of the body while also making your abdomen and back muscles strong enough. This asana focuses on the chest, hips, and quadriceps as well. 

How to perform?

1. While still in the Vajrasana, you must take your hands back, making them meet the feet. 

2. Rise your body in the shape of the arch while performing this asana.

3. Stay in the position for some time and try to hold it. 

4. Then you can relax about some repetitions.


Get your levels of energy high up when you are doing the Kundalini yoga and making your body get charged with the energy from within. The good benefits of this form are when doing it with great precision and focusing on the right things while being mindful and focused.