6 best yoga Teacher Training Courses

6 Best Yoga Teacher Training Courses: Choose the Right one for yourself

We all know the basic aspect of yoga, but we need to know the complex underlying structure that Yoga Teacher Training comprises, which plays the key role in letting you choose the correct form. If you need to be made aware, let us know that Yoga has been subdivided into many forms and styles. Each has its separate set of asanas and targets different types of techniques, and is the best for different kinds of bodily aspects as well.

Since the Yoga Teacher Training course is the one that takes much of your time and getting into a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training or more would be a vital decision for you, you should make the right move while selecting the right course. We have listed down the kinds of Yoga Teacher Training courses you can go in for based upon your interest and have the best discovery while being inspired by the authentic asanas and rejuvenating styles.

The Vinyasa Flow

This is one of the newest forms of yoga that has gained popularity recently due to the breathing and movement that this form of yoga combines. Though the vinyasa form of yoga has its separate forms altogether, Vinyasa has made itself utterly different from the others. It has been recognized as a complete form to practice in itself. This is the series of postures or asanas that are combined and go in sequence while being followed one after the other, hence truly defining the world flow in its name as well. If you are a dancer who requires flexibility with poses and posture and wants to improve your overall body shape and posture, this can be your go-to Yoga Teacher Training course.


Ashtanga also includes a series of movement and breathing exercises but in a more intense way which is one of the reasons for choosing the Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training course for yourself, if you want to avail yourself of the benefits of working out and want to expand its limits as well.

These asanas involved in Ashtanga are more likely to be directed 

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towards increasing the flow of energy in the body while also making this energy flow evenly throughout.This is one of the styles that are very popular in the west and is also commonly called by the name of power yoga. Hence, this can be the best option for you if you want to bar calories and get into shape.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini is the form that focuses on the seven Chakras of the body. It awakens the energy from within and draws it from the inside while focusing on the base of the spine. The summation of the Kundalini style would be the practices of Asanas, Pranayama, meditations, and chanting in totality.

Iyengar yoga

This is of the yoga practices that involve precision in performance along with the approach where holding each position and gaining mastery over it is something that is paid much importance to. Moreover, the Iyengar yoga style differs from the rest as it includes a wide range of props to make this versatile. 

If you are looking for something thoroughly spiritual, then Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Course would be the best for you.

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Hatha yoga

This is the Yoga Teacher Training course that would lead you to the mastery of the body and through the forms in which you would be able to attain the spiritual excellence and perfection of the mind. This is also one form that includes the benefits of working out with a steady range of asanas performed in a flow. 

Hatha yoga is also known to be the mother of all the other forms of yoga and includes the practices of pranayama, chanting of the mantra, and mudras which are hand gestures. Shatkriyas and sShatkarmas, which are cleansing techniques, are also part of the Hatha yoga style and some visualization practices. All in all, for holistic yoga practice, you need to go in for the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training course and have the best results through this one balanced approach.


Derived from the Ashtanga yoga practices, this is one of the yogic styles that involve Chanting, Meditation, and reading accompanied by music. Hence if you want to break from the Ashtanga yoga practice, then this would be the right choice for you to go in for. The Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training course will be the best for you if you want to try the combination of exercise, spirituality, and a lot of fun.


You can easily choose your perfect Yoga Teacher Training course from the given techniques and have mastery over them with the right teachers and inspiring set of Asanas accompanied with an incredible amount of knowledge.