PSYCHO behind How to reduce stress with a 2:1 breathing technique

Rishikesh Yog Shiksha

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Benefits of Breathing Exercise

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Taking Stress Is common these days breathing Technique; from being in school to that reaching height of a career in your life, there are a number of causes that can trigger Stress and make it control you entirely. 

We might think about numerous ways to control the situation, but then there are a few that can successfully top the list and give you immediate control.

It is something that will always be part of your system, but one thing that can help you in coping with it is the right kind of breathing practice that involves the body getting calmer with each breath you take in.  

But a technique that is easy and simple yet effective is the 2:1 breathing technique that would never leave your side. Since Stress causes the sympathetic system of the body to get triggered, which is the fight and the flight mode, causing the breathing to get rapid, the 2:1 breathing technique would be the right thing to practice in such times which would initiate the parasympathetic response system of the body that is related to the rest and relaxation, slowing down the breathing and other processes, making your breath go stable, and also your mind goes calmer, giving you all the control and right decision-making abilities back.

You can make precise this technique at any time and at any place as it involves breathing through the nose and then exhaling through the nose as well. 

To start with it, you need to inhale for a while, counting on the numbers as you breathe in and then slowly exhale out while counting again, but this time you need to increase or rather double the number count. This would automatically make your body calm by activating the parasympathetic system of your body, making it known that you are going into a state of relaxation.

Video Credit : Tufts Medical Center

To give a more accurate picture of the 2:1 breathing exercises and make you aware of the right form in which it is done, go through this given an example and try to follow it as well all along.

Example to Practice

Start by breathing in a while, counting to 4 for the first time. Now you need to exhale while increasing the exhale count of the breath up to 8. 

In the next round, you can try out more numbers like 5:10, 6:12, and so on later in the process of inhaling and exhaling, lowering your stress levels and getting peace from within.


This technique would help you in easing the Stress and would also let you move towards relaxation in just a few breaths. With this 2:1 breathing technique in your hands that can be practiced in minutes, you can keep your Stress at bay forever.