7 Days Weightloss Yoga Retreat In Rishikesh

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand


Weightloss retreats at Rishikesh Yog Shiksha is a great combo package of weightloss management also influential for everyone, who is ready to surrender themselves to our 7 days weightloss yoga retreat program for a better variation. An award winning program where our goal is to cleanse your body and mind through our weightloss program.

We offer delicious juices, yoga classes, Walking Meditations, Panchakarma Sessions, Ayurveda Consultation with the Ayurveda doctor also you will have to follow a specific diet, which gives you impressive strength for your exercise.

There's nothing like any specific age group if you can perform our morning walking meditation without being out of breath so yes you are acceptable even if not then no issue. With joy, we welcome everyone to our weightloss retreat program.

"Always choose what you want, We welcome everyone to our program, and with joy weightloss retreats awaits you."


Our motive is to make your weightloss retreats worthwhile, We ensure you that your weightloss journey would be the best journey of your life. We make sure that you see the visible changes in your body while you spend every single day here. Our weightloss retreat enables you to accept the positivity from the core of your heart and take a step forward to live a fit life.

Included in This Package

Yoga Classes Everyday

Shared Accommodation (6 Nights / 7 Days)

3 Times Veg Yogic Meal

Yoga Nidra

Special Diet follow

2 Ayurveda Massage

Panchkarma Sessions

Walking Meditation

Ayurveda Consultation

Daily Meditation classes

Daily Pranayama classes

Weightloss Activity

Group Excursions/Activities

Wifi connection

Private Accommodation 100$ Extra Charge

Not Included in This Package

Airport transfer

Travel insurance

Visa fee

Flights cost

Additional treatments


Sunday will be Excursion day.

Kindly follow our rules & regulation and help us to create a positive environment for you.

If you have any plans to eat outside then make sure you inform our kitchen staff asap.

Alcohol/drugs or smoking are not allowed.

You'll have to wash your dishes. (Karma Yoga)

Make sure you attend all the classes.

If you have any plans to stay out of the school, kindly inform our manager or gatekeeper.

Mobile/bags or any personal items are not allowed in the yoga hall.

Be punctual for your classes.


Daily schedule

06:00 AM - Wake up

06:30 AM - Meditation Session

07:30 AM - Pranayama and Hatha Yoga

09:30 AM - Breakfast

10:30 PM - Excursion and free time

01:00 PM - Lunch

02:00 PM - Rest Time

04:00 PM - Ashtanga- Vinyasa Yoga

05:00 PM - Yoga Nidra

05:30 PM - Free Time

06:30 PM - Dinner

08:00 PM - Lights Off

Accommodation & Food

Shared Accommodation

Shared Accommodation

A clean western-style shared room for 2 persons with shared bathroom facilities.

Bed linen, pillows, blankets, and towels are provided and hot water is available 24 hours a day.

Wi-Fi access/password is provided.

Private Accommodation

Private Accommodation

A clean western-style private room for 1 person with private bathroom facilities.

Bed linen, pillows, blankets, and towels are provided and hot water is available 24 hours a day.

Wi-Fi access/password is provided.

Yogic Food

A Yogic diet is a sattvic diet that provides energy to your body and keeps your mind calm and positive. Sattvic diet is a combination of two things which are nonviolence and purity.

We will provide you Sattvic food in your diet.

Sattvic food is a vegetarian diet that will include only vegetables, fruits, pulses, rice, tea, milk, curd, etc.

We will provide you breakfast, lunch, & dinner from time to time. As per your diet, sattvic food will enhance your energy, make you happier, positive, and peaceful.

7 Days / 6 Nights
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Refund Policy

Advance fees will not be refundable, only in the case of emergency students can join us on other schedules. If students cancel the course after joining it, we accept cancellation but course fees will not be refunded in cancellation. There is no charge of course cancellation.


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